Olympics London 2012 Offices

Winning spirit


Working for Lewis & Hickey Architects, CiD were asked to create the Environmental Graphics for the London 2012 headquarters in the Docklands, following the successful 2012 London Olympics bid. CiD developed designs drawing on the theme of the successful winning bid to create 22 supersize wall graphics, which transformed the central core of the building to an upbeat and inspirational environment in which to work. Quotations from visionaries such as Nelson Mandela and Seb Coe, were included on meeting rooms and offices to extend the theme throughout the entire workspace.

Environments, Signage

Each super graphic we created, represented one of the 22 official activities of the Olympic Games. Real Olympic images, licensed through Getty, combined with young inspiring teenage shots, were morphed together to make single, impactful inspiring graphics to illustrate the transition of young ambitious sportsmen and women, into winning Olympians.