Jobcentre Plus

Facilitating a national rollout


CiD were the lead Corporate Identity and Brand Management consultants for the much-acclaimed Jobcentre Plus project for DWP – the Department for Work and Pensions. CiD’s work included all external and internal signage and display systems; advertising and print, as well as the overview of the entire installation and placement programme across the entire network including affiliate sites, more than 2,000 sites across the country. We were instrumental in the successful relaunch of the Jobcentre Plus brand, completed in 2006 and that won multiple awards.

A winning combination

In conjunction with Lewis & Hickey, CiD redesigned the visitor journey and dramatically improved the visitor experience; we rebranded and re-zoned front and back-of-house areas, and we trialled and re-engineered the display systems and fixture design across the entire network. CiD was responsible for the design and development of the marketing and advertising.

Brand management on a National scale

CiD rationalised the Jobcentre Plus corporate identity system introducing a welcoming corporate colour palette and graphic communication style to create a friendly, approachable atmosphere that put staff and customers at ease, dramatically improved customer relations and made branches safer and easier to manage. Jobcentre Plus remains one of the largest and most successful, iconic projects of its kind.

Core Team

The overall success of Jobcentre Plus was transformational. The new environments created were a result of extensive research and product testing, involved more than 25 architectural companies, briefed through a series of presentations up and down the country and numerous companies within the supply chain all vetted and approved by the Core Team, key personnel from the appointed companies tasked with delivering the project led by Lewis and Hickey, including CID.

“The Jobcentre Plus project should be congratulated for the success in their drive to introduce a new approach based on the creation of a partnering culture across the entire supply chain.”

— Sir Michael Latham, Chairman of Construction Skills