Design Centre London

Designs  of distinction


Chelsea Harbour is the home of the Design Centre, it is the world’s premier destination for design and decoration excellence and is a popular creative London hub beside the river Thames. CiD were commissioned to create a property website advertising office space within and around Chelsea Harbour and to develop wayfinding signs and directory proposals for the centre; corporate signs for its retailers; and to decorate the common parts of the office complex. Part of our work also included the design of distinctive entrance signs and a semi-permanent hoarding to promote the tenants within the Centre.

A riverside attraction

CiD incorporated running water within our innovative signage proposals to complement the riverside location and to reflect the creative aspirations of both visitors and tenants. The corporate entrance signs, internally illuminated directories, directional and pin-mounted retail tenant signage systems were all designed to complement the contemporary style of the Centre and improve the visitor experience, by assisting navigation of the three unique domes and showrooms within.