The Lochnagar Crater Foundation

For remembrance and reconciliation


The Lochnagar Crater was created by a large mine placed beneath the German front lines on the first day of the Battle of the Somme, it was one of 19 mines that were placed beneath the German lines by allied regiments to assist the infantry advance at the start of the battle. The crater has been preserved as a memorial to the men and women of all nations who suffered in the Great War and is maintained through charitable donations and the dedicated work of volunteers. Richard Dunning, the owner of the site, commissioned CiD to create a new, modern identity symbolising the poppy, the memorial cross and the explosion that caused the crater, and a new website, to better resonate the purpose of preserving the site for further generations.


Deeply emotive

The Lochnagar crater is a truly extraordinary, humbling, emotional and sacred place. To ensure we delivered the essence of this experience, the design team visited the crater including other national memorials on the Somme, during our trip. The terrifying impact of those historic events is still plain to see, and we were determined to try and reflect some of the emotive feelings felt at the side of the crater and to develop a greater level of engagement with younger generations, so they may remember, understand, and become involved.

Ongoing engagement

We continue to maintain the website and to develop and evolve new initiatives that preserve the crater as symbol for reconciliation and peace.


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“Consultants in Design have been instrumental in bringing together the brand components of Lochnagar, capturing the essence of the crater and bringing the website to life. We consider their work essential in building awareness of the Lochnagar Foundation and we value their insight and intuition - they have also been a pleasure to work with.”

— Richard Dunning MBE, Owner of Lochnagar Crater