Random House Vauxhall

Don't judge a book by its cover


Anyone familiar with Penguin Books will understand the popularity and deep nostalgia conveyed by the book publisher and its iconic brand. CiD were commissioned by Strutt & Parker (BNP Paribas Real Estate) to design a sales brochure for the freehold of Random House on Vauxhall Bridge Road, the flagship office of Penguin Books. Besides design and artwork, the project required both lifestyle and interior photography and print management.

A novel design

CiD created a striking, humorous design by obtaining approval from Penguin Books to replicate its’ famous 1960 triband paperback cover in the ‘orange ‘fiction’ colour as the sales brochure. We then reproduced the brochure at the same size as the original classic penguin paperbacks to give the impression the brochure was really a ‘novel’.

Another chapter

The design was so successful, CiD were commissioned to do the same for another
‘Random House’ property, 57-63 Uxbridge Road in Ealing. Here, in addition to the design of a digital PDF and interior and exterior photography, we produced a microsite and data room. We named the property ‘The Book Store Ealing’, changed the design colour to green (crime fiction) and peppered the text throughout with book terminology, to maintain the strong connection to Penguin Books.