The Lancasters Hyde Park

Reaching new heights, the most expensive London residences per sq ft


The Lancasters is a joint venture development between investment and development company Minerva and developer Northacre plc. Located on the Bayswater Road, The Lancasters were originally an elegant parade of 15 magnificent stucco-fronted Grade II-listed houses. CiD were responsible for creating the dramatic Northacre signature pencil hoarding, the website, marketing materials, signage and sales brochures.

Tease, tease, tease

Divided into a multitude of apartment types CiD were challenged to provide a website and a set of sympathetic monochromatic brochures and floorplans, each with bespoke interiors (featuring Helen Green, Linley, Lawson Robb and Intarya) aimed at high net-worth individuals and families. We created a website with a simple gallery of apartment types, updated when the show apartments and their respective photography became available and produced mini trifold teaser brochures and larger, layflat, casebound books (including Russian language versions) with individual floorplans held within a separate folder, for each apartment type.

Expanding the envelope

The brand experience did not just end with brochures, CiD produced internal signs, plaques, stationery, slippers, umbrellas and (the ubiquitous) pencils. The Lancasters remains the most successful Northacre development since the company began.


CiD assisted with colour correction and retouching of show apartment photography as the dressed apartments became available. Featuring interior designers; Helen Green, Linley, Lawson Robb and Intarya.

“Northacre have retained Consultants in Design over many years for all aspects of marketing some of London’s most successful prime residential developments.”

— Klas Nilsson, Executive Chairman, Northacre plc