The Kings Hoarding

A rewarding hoarding


The Kings Hoarding was created for European Land and Northacre plc. The book theme related to the fact the site was previously the Kings College and a place of education and learning. Built in glass-reinforced plastic and self-supporting, the design was 5 metres high,170 metres long on the Kings Road and 130 metres along the Brompton Road. The 500+ titles were scripted by CiD and were topical and humorous, providing traffic commuters endless hours of fun and the hoarding became a London landmark in its own right, winning CiD a D&AD award in 2001 The Kings Hoarding was highly successful in raising the profile of the development and selling the residential real estate behind and it became an iconic example of top-quality residential advertising.

A monumental approach

To create the three-metre-high books, was no mean feat. Eleven giant moulds were designed and made, following life-size book dummies created by CiD as part of the concept. These were then used to cast each section, changing the colour combinations each time. Each section was then decorated with vinyl graphics and joined together to create the full run, so that when it was placed on the existing perimeter wall, it gave the illusion the books were sitting on a shelf.

Read the writing on the wall

Enjoy a thumb through some of the titles!

“CiD assisted not only with our own branding and websites, but all aspects of our corporate image including the design and manufacturing of several iconic and award winning hoardings.”

— Klas Nilsson, Executive Chairman, Northacre plc