Consultants in Design

The Wallace Collection

The Wallace Collection is home to one of Europe’s finest collections of works of art, paintings, furniture, arms & armour and porcelain. It is an exceptional National Museum with dedicated, specialist employees providing a wonderful visitor experience. CiD are exceedingly proud to have developed a wide range of initiatives for the Wallace collection over a period of nine years up until 2014 – including art direction, designs and production services for all exhibitions, signage and hoardings – both internal and external; shop labels and signage; café promotions and print; cloakroom tickets and numbering systems; event invites and menus; posters; logos; leaflets; books and guidebooks; press and London Underground advertising; donation boxes; gallery signs and directories; promotions; digital displays and of course the full website including kids education programmes – the list is quite extensive and has provided us with prodigious knowledge of the museum environment, the requirements of both young and older audiences and the budgetary constraints that are necessary to work within. The Wallace Collection has been a key CiD client for the past nine years, during which time we have been instrumental in increasing the visibility and popularity of the Museum – its turnover and its success.

“Consultants in Design consistently provided exciting and creative designs for the Wallace Collection – they have been a joy to work with because they have been so skillful and sensitive in understanding what we wanted to achieve for the Wallace Collection branding and they have added real value to all of our publicity materials, exhibitions, website programmes, guidebooks, advertising, signage and hoardings.” 

– Dame Rosalind Savill